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How does the PEZZ HealthCheck work?

Inside of the cup, there are 4 reacting test stripes on each side. When urine gets in contact with the test stripes they cause a chemical reaction. The amount of tracks inside the urine lead to the color on each different indicator. Within 60 seconds the result can be interpreted. The test stripes work like normal pH tests, were tested and proven million times and are used day to day in vet offices and clinics all over the world.

Why should I test my dog’s urine regularly?

What does PEZZ HealthCheck test for?

What kind of diseases can be identified?

Is the whole test device disposable?

How reliable are the results?

Is the app free?

Why should I get the app?

I tried scanning but it didn’t work, now what?

How long do I have to wait to scan the test cup?

Does the test replace a vet?